Base Client class.

Marker interface to mark classes as dynamic metadata.

Represents the relation of a user to an organization.

Represents a single operation to be executed on an image.

Represents a collection of image transformation operations in a stack.

Organizations are independent instances of the Rokka service.

Represents the metadata of an image.

Represents a collection of source images.

Represents a collection of stack operations for an organization.

StackAbstract deprecated

This class is here for BC reasons. We renamed it to AbstractStack to be consistent with coding standards.

Holds a list of stacks.

Represents an operation with configuration.

This class is useful for working on stack URIs (dynamic or defined ones).

Class UriComponents.

Represents a user.

Factory class with static methods to easily instantiate clients.

Image client for the service.

The abstract class for representing local images.

Creates a LocalImage object with a \SplFileInfo object as input.

Creates a LocalImage object with an existing rokka hash as input.

Creates a LocalImage object with the content of an image as input.

Helper class for Search parameter building for service.

This class provides lots of helper functionality usually used in templates.

Used for looking up and saving hashes related to a local image.

The default implementation for \Rokka\Client\TemplateHelper\AbstractCallbacks.

User management client for the service.