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The rokka image service supports you in storing and delivering your digital images – easy and neat. Whether for handling image formats, SEO attributes or the lightning fast delivery, rokka is just the right tool for your digital images.

Why rokka?

For your clients

rokka supports you with professional search engine optimization of your digital images.

For your website

With rokka you manage your digital images safely and improve the speed of your website.

For your budget

With rokka you pay exactly what you use and have all the available features. That means: no hidden costs.

Upload once,
show often

With rokka you upload your image just once – in the highest possible resolution. Working with your individually defined image formats and outputs, rokka takes care of the whole conversion.

Subject area and auto cropping

Define the subject area of your image. Thanks to its clever auto cropping operations, rokka will identify the best possible sector and use it for all your pre-defined image formats.

Lightning fast delivery

No matter where in the world your viewers are, rokka delivers your images fast, safely and dependably. This also saves your server resources.

$ curl -X POST -F filedata=@image.jpg ''
  "total": 1,
  "items": [
      "hash": "c03683b067927d77973b458e0baa40aa7b5e5418",
      "short_hash": "c03683",
      "binary_hash": "05bf2c88f637e6361db31b094b09cfce95a7809c",
      "created": "2017-11-09T16:49:23+01:00",
      "name": "image.jpg",
      "mimetype": "image/jpeg",
      "size": 426884,
      "width": 800,
      "height": 600,
      "organization": "testorganization",

Simple API & libraries

With the rokka image API you deliver your images easily on all your web sites. What’s more, we offer libraries for common languages, making rokka even easier to use.

Pricing: Fair and transparent

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Only pay for what you effectively use. We measure the usage by storage and traffic. You receive a quarterly invoice with a detailed overview of your use.

per month
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per 1 GB of traffic
up to 2000 GB per month
You want even more? Pay less when using more. Profit from our attractive rates.


Amount (GB) CHF/Month per GB
0 - 400 CHF 0.40
401 - 800 CHF 0.30
801 - 1200 CHF 0.20
1201 - 1600 CHF 0.10
1600 - ∞ CHF 0.08


Amount (GB) per month CHF per GB
0 - 2000 CHF 0.50
2001 - 4000 CHF 0.42
4001 - 6000 CHF 0.34
6001 - 8000 CHF 0.26
8001 - ∞ Contact us for an individual offer
Have your own CDN? Special constraints? Other needs? We can also offer very competitive rates for high volumes. Contact us for an individual offer

Free plan

You don't want to buy a pig in a poke? Up to 2 GB of space and 10 GB of traffic, rokka is free for everyone.

up to 2 GB of space
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You can use rokka with up to 2 GB of space and 10 GB of traffic per month for free.


“With rokka we have a central image processing service for our images, which guarantees the storing and distribution of our images in a fast and efficient way. Therefore, we are able to display the same image in different formats on any of our platforms. Without significant effort towards image management.”

Alain Petignat
Leiter Online Entwicklung und Betrieb, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund


“At FREITAG we photograph around 60'000 unique products per year. With our old image server, we had to store several image formats and cuttings per product, which led to an enormous amount of data. With rokka, we store every image just once and benefit due to digital image processing from device-specific preparation of all images.”

Benjamin Caviezel
Specialist New Media, FREITAG